Natural Insecticides

Natural insecticide is actually a great way to keep your family and your pets safe. This is because it can be non toxic to both humans and pets. Not to mention, it is also a great way to keep the environment safe, as well. The simplest and most basic insecticide combines both liquid soap and water in a solution. In this article, we will be going over some of the different ways in which you should be able to make or buy this kind of natural solution.

Making Natural Insecticide:

1. Soap Insecticide.

This particular way involves using the most basic ingredients. All you would need for this particular solution is liquid soap and natural water. Simply mix two tablespoons of liquid soap into around 1 quart of water and you will have a natural insecticide ready to go.

2. Potent Soap Insecticide:

This particular version is based on the same one listed above. However, this particular version is more potent, and it will be even more effective. This one also includes the water and soap combination. However, along with the water and soap, you will want to mix around one bulb of garlic and one small onion. To achieve maximum effectiveness, you should mince the onion and garlic before putting it into the solution.

This will allow their agents to disperse in the water. Also, you will want to add cayenne pepper to this solution for even more of a kick. You will simply want to let this solution sit for around 1 hour before you begin to use it. Once you do this, simply add the soap and mix the solution as best as you can. When the suds begin to go away, you will want to strain the solution into a clear spray bottle. You can refrigerate this solution for up to 2 weeks as you are using it so you can keep it for a good amount of time. To use it, you will want to spray the mixture on your plants evenly. This will naturally kill bugs.

3. Naturally kill fleas for pets

It is hard to see a pet heavily infested with fleas.  However, I’m concerned that the cure in many cases may be worse for my dogs.  I tried several recommended homemade natural methods, but they just didn’t work.

I just ended up paying money to have someone else make the right solution that I could put on my dogs myself:

Here is a really bad case of fleas on a dog.  Poor puppy :(

This solution did not work for me:

Like I said, I had to buy from CedarCide.

4. Neem Insecticide.

Another great way to make a natural insecticide is by using a mixture of neem oil, essential oils, and a bunch of water. This is a great way to kill off all kinds of insects, fungus, and even mites. You should be able to find neem oil available online or even at garden stores. Simply take 1 gallon of water and add around two tablespoons of this oil, add some essential oils to it, and two tablespoons of liquid detergent to make the insecticide more effective. Once you mix these ingredients thoroughly, you can pour them into a spray bottle and begin using them to kill off insects.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways in which you can create a natural and effective insecticide. Be sure to utilize the methods above for the safest and most natural alternative solutions.

Find And Purchase Organic Flea Control For Cats Products

A cat may be sensitive to chemicals and things of that nature. That is why it is a good idea to learn about the organic flea control for cats options that you have. That way your furry friend can not have their condition worsened, and you’ll feel good about their safety as you get rid of bothersome fleas.

Fleas can be really bad for a cat.  So you can have an idea of what fleas on a cat looks like, here’s an example of a poor cat with fleas:

fleas on a catYikes!  Poor kitty :(  MUST DESTROY FLEAS!!!

A lot of companies will say that they have an organic product, when in reality that is just advertising. Something may say that it’s a natural remedy, but when you look at the list of ingredients, you learn that most of it were formed in some factory somewhere and is not full of natural ingredients. The good idea is to look up everything, even the inactive ingredients to figure out whether or not it’s an organic product.

One thing to watch out for when you use a product on your cat is whether or not they lick themselves too much. Your cat may have an issue with certain organic remedies like essential oils. You may be able to make this not so much of a matter if you dilute the solution and make it a little less harsh on their skin when you put it on it. Check your cat’s legs and other areas where they may be licking for sores, and you can use vitamin E on them to help with the healing process.

You may find that making your remedy is the best way because you can be in control of the ingredients. One example is that fleas dislike the smell of lemon quite a bit, and you can make a batch of a lemon scented flea control remedy in your kitchen. You’ll want also to have a flea comb that you use with your remedy so that you can comb out the dead fleas and their eggs. Always do more than one treatment so you can be sure you got the alive and dead ones off of your cat’s fur.

Did you know that fleas are attracted to lights? If you can put your cat in water with suds in it and then have it under a night light, they may hop towards that light and into the water. Make sure the water is shallow so your cat can be held under it with their head above the water. You’ll want to use water that is warm or a little hot, but if your cat seems uncomfortable make sure you turn the temperature down. It’s just that fleas know how to seek out temperatures along with light, so they will jump to their demise a lot of the time when you combine these two things.

Now that you are capable of figuring out the organic flea control for cats to get, you can get rid of those pesky fleas for good. You need to remember to keep some extras on hand in case the fleas come back. They tend to be plentiful in most areas of the world, so be cautious!

The Benefits Of Natural Insect Repellent

The autumn months are coming, and with them come some of the best days to enjoy the outdoors. People talk about how great spring and summer are to spend outside, but often, the spring time is rainy, and the summer time is far too hot. It’s only during the fall, during the harvest season, that the weather has cooled down to the point where you can enjoy the outdoors, but not so cold that you’re freezing and need to bundle up.

Mosquito on arm

Unfortunately, the fall season is also one of the roughest times to deal with bugs. It’s the last hurrah for some the bugs, and they’re all flitting about, trying to shove as much food into their tiny bug bodies as possible to prepare for the coming hibernation season. Given the season’s traditional time as the harvest time, there’s a lot of food for them to bother you over. No one likes to have their final outdoor picnics ruined by a swarm of bugs. Unfortunately, a huge number of the modern insect repellents out on the market are full of harsh chemicals.

These chemicals may keep the bugs away, but they also cause other problems. They cause environmental problems, sinking into the ground and making the dirt more poisonous for plants. They rise into the air, harming the atmosphere and the ozone layer. Not only that but long term use of some the chemicals used in insect repellents can result in problems for people, as well. These chemicals can cause anything from skin rashes to actual cancer. No one wants to deal with that. No one wants to deal with insects, either. Is there any happy medium? Is there any way to get the benefits of an insect repellent without putting yourself and your planet in danger?

Indeed there is! Natural insect repellents exist and work every bit as well as any of the repellents with heavy chemicals. The best ones out there are the ones that use essential oils as a base. Essential oils are oils that take a substance, boil it down, and then use the very essence of that substance to work its magic. That way, you can get the benefit of a huge amount of the substance with just a small amount of oil. Using these oils for natural insect repellents can help quite a bit because they allow you to use only a tiny amount of repellent, but still get the benefit of having used large amounts of repellent.

I hate mosquitoes, don’t you? I’m actually a big fan of this mosquito repellent.

There are some benefits to natural insect repellents, so it’s no wonder so many people want to use them these days. If you’re interested, you can always purchase some from various internet sources, or even find a recipe to make your own! It’s not difficult, and doing so will allow you to keep those pests away while also keeping yourself and your planet completely safe. It is the best choice you could make.

Natural Fly Repellent Is Better For Humans

Homemade Natural Fly and Roach RepellentIt’s been said that there are so many flies in the world, something like 17 quadrillion, that it would be almost impossible to count them all.  The insect is considered a pest and a nuisance.    Also, flies carry a myriad of diseases that include typhoid, dysentery, cholera, salmonella, tuberculosis, and more.  Indeed, flies are so toxic that if a fly lands on your food, you are encouraged not to eat the food.

Since flies are considered an enemy of man, there are many commercial sprays available to killed the pests.  However, the problem with commercial products are the chemicals they contain.  These chemicals can be harmful and even deadly to humans depending on how they are used.

The natural fly repellent is a good alternative for keeping flies away.  What are some examples of keeping flies away naturally?

1. A Fly Swatter

The most basic tool for getting rid of flies is the fly swatter.  It is a tool that typically contains a thin metal bottom and a square plastic top.  The top is specially made to contact flies and kill them when the tool is swatted at the insects.  Fly swatters are inexpensive and easy to use.  Do not touch the square plastic part of the swatter, as that is the part of the swatter that contains germs from dead flies.

2. Essential Oils

This is another natural tool for ridding your life of flies.   You’ll need:

1. An old coffee can with a lid.  However, any metal can with a tin will work for this natural repellant.

2. A clean sponge or a clean absorbent cloth

3. Lavender oil, citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint oil

4. Vegetable oil

5. Vodka

Mix one, two or all of the oils with the vegetable oil and the vodka.  Note: Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the oils that you are mixing with the vegetable oil and the vodka.

Place the sponge in the tin and pour the mixture to saturate the sponge completely.  Put the lid on the tin and let it sit for 24 hours.

Open the lid for use.  You can place the tin anywhere you want to keep flies away.  Make as many of the tins as you’d like to cover all of the territories that you would like.  Paint the tins or decorate them in some other way to make them more attractive.

The tins cannot be used indefinitely.  Therefore, replace a tin or tins after every few uses.

You can also pour the ingredients into a spray bottle and use it on your skin.  Make sure the mixture is diluted before you put it on your skin.  Some of the oils are harmful to pets.  So keep the mixture away from pets.  Also, many essential oils are toxic if consumed by humans.  So be sure to keep the mixture away from children.

Other natural tips to keep flies away include planting marigolds in your garden. Marigolds are a natural repellent for flies.  Also, do not keep birdbaths in your garden, as the water attracts flies.

Here’s a good video with an interesting idea: